Current Lab Members

Principle Investigator

Lesilee Rose


IGG PhD Student

Laurel Koch








Undergraduate Students:

Aidan van Cleef (Genetics and Genomics Major)

Dharshini Sridharan (BioSci Major)

Nirvana Nejad (Genetics and Genomics Major)



Lab Alumni

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers (year completed), Current position

Jen Baily, BMCDB Masters Student (2023), Analytical Chemist at Brite Box Labs

Helen Lamb, BMCDB PhD Student (2022), Assoc. Account Rep at Samba Scientific

Aaron Baer, IGG Graduate Student (2019), Project Manager, Junction Concepts Software Developer

Kari Price, BMCDB PhD Student, (2018) Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University

Malgorzata Liro, BMCDB PhD Student (2018) and Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-20)

Isaac Shaker, CSUS Masters Student (2017), now Lab Technician UC Davis

Mike VanGompel, Postdoctoral Researcher (2016), Instructor St. Francis College

Eugenel Espiritu, CDB PhD Student (2015), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pittsburgh

Lori Krueger, CDB PhD Student (2010), Teaching Professor, Solano Community College

Wei Le, Genetics PhD Student (2009), Research Associate, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dae Hwi Park, CDB PhD Student (2008), Postdoctoral Researcher, UCSF

Jui Ching Wu, BMB PhDStudent (2007), Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University

Leah DeBella, Genetics PhD Student (2004), Teaching Professor, Vancouver Community College

Meng-Fu (Bryan) Tsou, CDB PhD Student (2003), Assistant Professor, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Steve Basham, CDB PhD Student (2001), Research Scientist, Nurix

Undergraduates and Technicians

Krista Myles, Undergraduate Researcher and Lab Technician (2018- 22)

Christy Kok, Undergraduate Researcher (2021-22)

Minjae Yoo, Undergraduate Researcher (2021-22)

Rowena Mendieta, Undergraduate Researcher (2021-22)

Holly Anderson, Undergraduate Researcher (2021-22), PhD Student

Amy Leslie, Lab Technician/PREP Scholar (2020-21), PhD Student UC Davis

Sara Ruch, Undergraduate Research (2018-20)

Jocelyn Alvarado, Undergraduate Researcher and Lab Technician (2016-20), PhD Student UNC Chapel Hill

Kathie Paniagua-Urrutia, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2017-20)

Camelia Hacein-Bey, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2018-19)

Nancy Lee, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2018), Pharmacy School

Elleanor Pangilinan, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2017), SFSU Masters Program

Helen Xie, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2017)

Kathryn Plance, Lab Technician (2017)

Vinh Nguyen, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014)

Ivy Nguyen, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014)

Jennifer Milan, Lab Technician (2014), Masters Student, UC Davis Forensics

Angelica Chan, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014)

Paige Wilson, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014), Graduate Student, Columbia University

Hyeon Kyu (Alice) Kwon, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014), Graduate Student, New York University

Bardo Castro, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013), Laboratory Technician, UCSF, PhD Student UC Davis

Ella Richardson, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013), Veterinary Student, Western U. of Health Sciences

Sumati Hasani, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013), Associate Scientist, MedImmune Inc.

Herman Liu, Laboratory Technician (2013), Technician, Genentech

Raieda Sadeq, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2012), Graduate Student, McGill University

Anna Ye, Laboratory Technician (2011), Graduate Student, U. Mass, Amherst

Lorne Sachs, Laboratory Technician (2011), EMT Student, UC Davis

Fiona Ng, Laboratory Technician (2011), Nursing Student, Columbia University

Iqra Minhas, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2011)

Hai-Chi Pham, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2011), Clinical Research Student, Kaiser Permanente

Adam Hayashi, Laboratory Technician (2009)



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